February 2019

  • Hidden Gem: HSAs in Retirement
  • Tax Scams to Watch Out For
  • Four Tips for Planning a Career Change
  • How can you lower the costs of owning a vehicle?
  • Is a vehicle subscription service in your future?

January 2019

  • How much have you saved?
  • How did your investments perform?
  • Did you reduce debt?
  • Where did your employment taxes go?
  • Did your finances improve?

December 2018

  • Investing in Yourself for a Change
  • Talking to Your Teen About Money
  • Reviewing Your Estate Plan
  • Should I consider requesting a deferment or forbearance for my federal student loans?
  • Are my student loans eligible for public service loan forgiveness?

November 2018

  • The Tech Sector Could Be Dominating Your Portfolio
  • Ten Year-End Tax Tips for 2018
  • The Financial Implications of a Chronic Illness
  • How can I protect my personal and financial information from credit fraud and identity theft?
  • How can I safely shop online this holiday season?

October 2018

  • Down the Donut Hole: The Medicare Coverage Gap
  • On the Road to Retirement, Beware of These Five Risks
  • Life Insurance with a Refund
  • When should I submit college financial aid forms?

September 2018

  • What to Do If Your Term Life Insurance Policy Is About to Expire
  • Infographic: Working in Retirement
  • Take Charge of Your Student Debt Repayment Plan
  • How can I save money on my cell phone plan?

August 2018

  • Have You Made Any of These Financial Mistakes?
  • Managing Money When You Marry: Financial Tips for Newlyweds
  • Tax Benefits of Homeownership After Tax Reform
  • I received a large refund on my tax return this year. Should I adjust my withholding?

July 2018

  • Mid-Year Planning: Tax Changes to Factor In
  • A Parent-Child Conversation About College Costs
  • Shopping for a New or Used Car
  • What is the difference between a tax deduction and a tax credit?

June 2018

  • Should You Buy Your Own Office Space?
  • Investing to Save Time Boosts Happiness Returns
  • Marriage and Money: Taking a Team Approach to Retirement
  • Can I convert my traditional IRA to a Roth IRA in 2018?

May 2018

  • Dividend Investing: Small Payments Can Boost Returns
  • Quiz: Can You Answer These Social Security Benefit Questions?
  • The College Landscape After Tax Reform
  • What are the gift and estate tax rules after tax reform?

April 2018

  • Government Report Details Household Finances
  • The Standard Deduction and Itemized Deductions After Tax Reform
  • Four Points to Consider When Setting a Retirement Income Goal
  • What are some tips for creating a budget and sticking to it?

March 2018

  • Due Date Approaches for 2017 Federal Income Tax Returns
  • College Saving: How Does a 529 Plan Compare to a Roth IRA?
  • Four Tips for Downsizing in Retirement
  • Will a government pension reduce my Social Security benefits?

February 2018

  • What's Your Money Script?
  • Don't Wait to Ask Aging Parents These Important Questions
  • Deducting 2017 Property Losses from Your Taxes
  • Is a nursing home the only option for long-term care?

January 2018

  • How Much Risk Can You Take?
  • Key Retirement and Tax Numbers for 2018
  • Don't Delay: The Potential Benefits of Starting to Save Now
  • What can I do to crack down on robocalls?

December 2017

  • Questions to Ask Before Buying That Thing You've Always Wanted
  • lnfographic: Financial Tips for Young Adults
  • Demographic Dilemma: Is America's Aging Population Slowing Down the Economy?
  • What can I learn from looking back on my financial situation in 2017?

November 2017

  • What You Can Do with a Will
  • Ten Year-End Tax Tips for 2017
  • Medicare and Your Employer Health Plan
  • How much money should a family borrow for college?

October 2017

  • Company Stock and Your Portfolio: Keep Your Eye on Concentration Risk
  • Examining the Taxpaying Population: Where Do You Fit In?
  • Managing Debt While Saving for Retirement
  • Is the Social Security Administration still mailing Social Security Statements?

September 2017

  • From Data Breaches to Ransomware: How to Avoid Becoming the Victim of a Cybercrime
  • Five Common Financial Aid Myths
  • Life Is for the Living, and So Is Life Insurance
  • How do the economic milestones of young adults today compare with prior generations?

July 2017

  • The Cost of a Wedding
  • The Health-Wealth Connection
  • Future of the Federal Estate Tax
  • Can I roll my traditional 401(k) account balance over to a Roth IRA?

June 2017

  • Four Numbers You Need to Know Now
  • lnfographic: 4 Things to Do in the 4 Years Before College
  • Student Loan Debt: It Isn't Just for Millennials
  • I m thinking about buying a new home. Should I consider the risk of climate changes?

May 2017

  • 401(k) Withdrawals: Beware the Penalty Tax
  • Tax Benefits of Homeownership
  • Why Diversification Matters
  • Are you ready to retire?

April 2017

  • Four Ways to Double the Power of Your Tax Refund
  • Spring Cleaning Your Finances
  • Converting Retirement Savings to Retirement Income
  • Will I owe income taxes when I sell my home?

March 2017

  • Buying a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle
  • Table: Federal Student Loans for College
  • What happens to my property if I die without a will?
  • Cartoon: Taxes Are Universal

February 2017

  • Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Social Security Retirement Benefits?
  • Grandparents Can Help Bridge the College Cost Gap
  • Tax Tips for the Self-Employed
  • How can technology help me manage my money?
  • What's the difference between a direct and indirect rollover?

January 2017

  • Medicare and Medicaid: What's the Difference?
  • Key Retirement and Tax Numbers for 2017
  • What It Means to Be a Financial Caregiver for Your Parents
  • How can I pay off the credit card debt I racked up over the holidays?
  • What should I evaluate when considering a new job offer?

December 2016

  • Playing Catch-Up with Your 401(k) or IRA
  • The Giving Season: Six Tips for Making Smart and Effective Charitable Donations This Holiday Season
  • Don't Forget to Include Memory Loss When Planning for Retirement
  • What should I know before doing my holiday shopping online?
  • What do you need to know about chip-card technology?

November 2016

  • Will vs. Trust: Is One Better Than the Other?
  • Are You Ending 2016 Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise?
  • Pretax, Roth, or After-Tax Contributions: Which Should You Choose?
  • Do I need to make any changes to my Medicare coverage for next year?
  • What changes can I make during this year's Medicare Open Enrollment Period?

October 2016

  • Common Questions About Student Loan Repayment­
  • Ten Year-End Tax Tips for 2016
  • Top Financial Concerns of Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials
  • Should I accept my employer's early-retirement offer?

September 2016

  • Six Potential 401(k) Rollover Pitfalls­
  • The Importance of Saving for Retirement at a Young Age
  • Five Things to Know About Inherited IRAs
  • What is the most important component of GDP in the United States?

August 2016

  • Investors Are Human, Too
  • Finding and Claiming Forgotten Funds
  • Be Prepared to Retire in a Volatile Market
  • Should I pay off my student loans early or contribute to my workplace 401(k)?

July 2016

  • Mid-Year 2016: An Investment Reality Check
  • Finding and Claiming Forgotten Funds
  • Q&As on Roth 401(k)s
  • Are they still earning interest and, if not, can I roll them over to another savings bond?

June 2016

  • Projecting a Happy Retirement
  • Common Financial Wisdom: Theory vs. Practice
  • Four Reasons Why People Spend Too Much
  • How long should I keep financial records?
  • What does she need to know about opening her first checking account?

May 2016

  • Understanding Stock Market Indexes
  • Four Lessons Grandparents and Grandchildren Can Learn Together
  • Nearing Retirement? Time to Get Focused
  • How long should I keep financial records?
  • What are some tips for organizing financial records?

April 2016

  • Operating at the Intersection of Profits and Values
  • Cost of Living: Where You Live Can Affect How Rich You Feel
  • Earn Too Much for a Roth IRA? Try the Back Door!
  • Can you separate college financial aid myths from facts?

March 2016

  • Protecting Your Business from Cyber Threats
  • Can You Get to a Million Dollars?
  • Filing Your 2015 Federal Income Tax Return
  • Should I loan my child money for a down payment on a house?

Januray 2016

  • When a Saver Marries a Spender, Every Penny Counts
  • Are There Gaps in Your Insurance Coverage?
  • Give Your Retirement Plan an Annual Checkup
  • What do I need to know about submitting the FAFSA?

December 2015

  • Market Update
  • 2016 Contribution Limits
  • Trust Information
  • Duncklee & Nott Open Results
  • Technology Update
  • NextGen Matching Grant Reminder
  • Holiday Greetings

November 2015

  • Don't Forget About Year-End Investment Planning
  • 2015 Year-End Tax Planning Basics
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Opening a 529 Plan Account
  • Why Do I Need To Create a Will?

October 2015

  • Six Common 401(k) Plan Misconceptions
  • Six Life Insurance Beneficiary Mistakes to Avoid
  • Same-Sex Couples: When You Marry, Who Should Be Notified?
  • My employer now offers wellness benefits as part of its employee benefits package. But what are they?

September 2015

  • Three Smart Moves for Young Adults
  • Taxes, Retirement, and Timing Social Security
  • Three Tax Planning Concepts
  • How can I protect my Social Security number from identity theft?

August 2015

  • Financial Mistakes People Make at Different Ages
  • The Cost of Credit
  • Age-Based Tips for Making the Most of Your Retirement Savings Plan
  • What return are you really earning on your money?

July 2015

  • Reviewing Your Finances Mid-Year
  • Three College Saving Strategies with Tax Advantages
  • Five Steps to Tame Financial Stress
  • What is the Roth 401(k) five-year rule?

June 2015

  • It's Complicated: Money and Happiness
  • Millennials vs. Boomers: How Wide Is the Gap?
  • Why Businesses Need a Disaster Preparedness Program
  • Are stock dividends reliable as a source of income?

May 2015

  • How Does Divorce Affect Social Security Retirement Benefits?
  • Estate Planning for a Second Marriage
  • Avoiding Probate: Is It Worth It?
  • What is this new chip-card techology I've been hearing about in the news?

April 2015

  • Retirement Withdrawal Rates
  • When Your Child Asks for a Loan, Should You Say Yes?
  • Evaluating College Acceptances
  • I owe a large amount of money to the IRS. Can I pay what I owe in installments?

March 2015

  • Points to Consider If Your Retirement Goal Seems Out of Reach
  • Last-Minute Tax Tips
  • The Cost of Waiting
  • How much can I contribute to my IRA in 2015?

February 2015

  • Key Numbers for 2015
  • 10 Financial Terms Everyone Should Know
  • Taking a Career Break? Consider These Helpful Tips
  • How can college students save and spend money wisely?

January 2015

  • Healthy Resolutions Can Pay Off (Literally)
  • Helping Your Parents Manage Their Finances
  • No Matter What Your Age, Your Social Security Statement Matters
  • When do I need to submit college financial aid forms?

December 2014

  • Job Hunting in the Digital Jungle
  • Tips for Stress-Free Travel This Holiday Season
  • Saving for College: 529 Plans vs. Roth IRAs
  • How can I save on my heating bills this winter?

November 2014

  • Saving or Investing: Is There a Difference?
  • Investor, Know Thyself: How Your Biases Can Affect Investment Decisions
  • Retiring and Relocating? Don't Neglect State Taxes!
  • I'm looking to buy a home. What are some common mortgage mistakes to avoid?

October 2014

  • Financial Myths, Mistakes, and Misunderstandings
  • What Is the Federal Reserve and What Does It Do?
  • Leaving Assets to Your Heirs: Income Tax Considerations
  • What factors could negatively impact my credit report?

September 2014

  • Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Social Security?
  • 10 Basic Tax To-Dos for the Rest of 2014
  • The Potential Pitfalls of DIY Estate Planning
  • Should I co-sign my daughter's private student loan?

August 2014

  • A view of Health Care from around the world
  • Retirement Myths and Realities
  • Charitable Gifts of Items You No Longer Need
  • Why are you paying more at the pump?

July 2014

  • Can You Make Some Green by Investing Green?
  • Some Things to Consider about Gifts to Children
  • Tips for Traveling Abroad
  • How much money should a student borrow for college?

June 2014

  • Top 10 Tax Breaks You'll Miss in 2014
  • Personal Finance Tips for New Graduates
  • Financial Choices: College, Retirement, or Both?
  • Are con artists adopting trendy twists on old scams?

May 2014

  • 15 Facts about Social Security
  • Saving for the Future: Start Now or Start Later?
  • Spring Cleaning Your Debt
  • My parents can't manage alone anymore. What should I do?

April 2014

  • What Baseball Can Teach You about Financial Planning
  • Saving Through Your Retirement Plan Work?
  • Home Staging: Getting Your Home Ready to Sell
  • Is There a New Way to Calculate My Home Office Deduction?

March 2014

  • Same Sex Marrige: An Update
  • Business Owners: Don't Neglect Your Own Retirement Plan
  • Test Your Knowledge of Financial Basics
  • How Much Money Should I save For Retirement 

February 2014

  • The Frugal Habits of Millionaires
  • Filing Your 2013 Federal Income Tax Return
  • Gift Tax Strategies That Can Benefit Your Family
  • How much can I contribute to my IRA in 2014?

January 2014

  • It's December 31. Do You Know Where Your Money Is?
  • Think Outside the Shoe Box When Organizing Financial Records
  • What's in Store for Health-Care Reform in 2014
  • Is there anything I can do to lower my auto insurance bill?